We at EHISIANYA LOVE FOUNDATION are a non-profit and non-political organization and do firmly and solemnly resolve
to provide for ourselves a constitution and to be governed by the
therein contained.

Who we are

About Us

Overall Aims And Objectives

1) To source and provide assistance for widows and orphans.
2) To conduct annual singing and dancing competition for all ages.
3) To market and advertise all songs produced by Ehisianya.
4) To use this platform to raise young gospel singers, preachers and Ehisianya Choir.
5) To source and provide accommodation assistance to the less privileged and the stranded.
6) Provide educational assistance for youths and adults.
7) Provide child care assistance for men and women for proper development of early childhood.


In the world today, many persons are faced with one challenge or the other, one of which is the loss of a loved one; either a wife, husband, sibling or even a child. According to the Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development. there are 17.5 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) nationwide. These children face enormous challenges to their health and development and it is estimated that 95 percent of OVC do not receive any type of medical, emotional, social, material, or school-related assistance (National Population Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria, and ICF International 2013).

How would you feel giving aid to the less privileged? I guess you will be happy.

We are an African humanitarian organization at the heart of Christianity. Working to end sadness and poverty around the world, we work with children and their families to find what they need most.

The focus is on hunger, poverty, illiteracy and disease.

Ehisianya Love Foundation is determined to ensure that the world's poorest and most vulnerable people are not overlooked in prevention, immunization and economic recovery efforts. With your help, we can master this historic challenge.

About Us
About Us
Annual Singing And Dancing Competition.

Laughter is a medicine to the soul. Entertainment has always been one source of happiness to majority of people. Entertainment comes in different forms, which includes singing and dancing.Ehisianya Love Foundation (ELF) is set to make life easy by putting smile on the faces of people through singing and dancing.

Training and improving the growth of young people through organizing competition so as to motivate young talents.


According to Stewart Henderson Britt "Doing anything without advertising is like winking at a beautiful girl in the dark". The brain behind this foundation sister Ehisianya, who in her love for God and people have dedicated her time to making music that would teach people the word and grow in every capacity. ELF is a platform to showcase various talents with songs produced by Ehisianya.

We strive to be a philanthropic leader in Nigeria and the African region and beyond, making a difference through the gospel, art, music etc. We do this through partnerships, building trust and a focus on ethnic and gender equality.

About Us
About us
Raise Young Gospel Singers,Preacher And Ehisianya Choir.

Many young talents have wasted, values crushed and self esteem tampered with. These talents ranges from singing, dancing, preachers etc. Ehisianya is interested in using the ELF platform to raise excellent singers and great preachers of the gospel to spread the word of God for the greater society.

Working towards a future where not just african children but all children get the care and support they need to be succeed.


The good book says it is better to give than to receive. Helping the less privileged and those who are stranded brings joy to the giver and puts a smile on the face of the receiver. Assisting the homeless by providing shelter and food for those who cannot afford three square meal is one of the goal of Ehisianya Love Foundation

Training and improving the growth of young people through organizing competition so as to motivate young talents.

About Us
Educational Assistance For Youths And Adults.

It is no longer news that sound education is not free. Education is key to the growth of any society. Many children and adults have suffered in the hands of illiteracy as a result of no education or opportunity to be educated which includes lack of financial assistance. What if people are giving opportunity to become better through education? Of course the society would be a better place for all.

ELF is interested in using this platform to educate and provide educational material for children, youths and adults so as to become useful to the society and become a better version of themselves.


Early childhood stage is one very important and delicate stage of every human. If a child is not properly taken care of at the early stage, there might be some questions to answer in adulthood. Children learn and grow well when they are giving the right care and assistance. All children have the right to protection, to live, to belong, to be heard, to receive adequate care and to grow up in a protective environment.

Ehisianya Love Foundation will assist in this regard, by providing the necessary child care assistance for both men and women so as to enhance proper development of early childhood.


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She works and strives for honesty, humility, trustworthiness and transparency in all that she does and expect the same of our non-profit partners. The world is a beautiful place to explore, we hope it's with you.

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